HTS can provide Antivirus, Patching, 24x7 Monitoring, Remote Support, Security Monitoring to all of your Desktops, Laptops, and Mobile Devices. If you want to be sure your endpoints are protected, get in touch with HTS!

HTS can maintain your current environment, add to it, or completely re-design your server environment to make sure your business is running smoothly!

A single piece of hardware can run many virtual machines depending on your workload. Is it time to consolidate your server room? Let HTS recommend what’s best for your business. Do you need your servers replicated off site in case of disaster? No Problem!!!

From a single office, to multi location businesses, HTS can handle your networking needs. We aren’t locked in to any specific vendors so we can do what’s best for you! From Network Security (Firewalls and Intrusion Detection) to running the network cables from closet to desktop, HTS will Take Care of IT.

If you need to cover your 20,000sq.ft. warehouse with wireless, or your waiting room with Guest internet access for your patients, HTS can handle IT.

So much money is to be saved when switching from traditional phone systems to VoIP. Gone are the days of overly expensive and complicated phone systems. Let HTS compare your current phone bill to an even more feature rich VoIP Phone System and you will see the ROI.

Do you have salespeople who work from their car, or Doctors who need to work from home in the evenings? HTS has experience with all facets of remote access via VPN, Citrix, RDS, and TeamViewer.

HTS can work with you to design or update your website. From “brand development”, to web presence, and social media management, HTS has the tools to help you succeed.

HTS is very familiar with the requirements set forth by the Government that medical facilities must adhere to. We can assist with internal HIPAA audits, hardening your network to protect it from intruders, educate your employees on best practices, and actively monitor your network to make sure it’s safe and secure